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Testimony of Dr. Esther V. Shekher
Greetings in His Holy Name from Christ Rules Ministries!
Turning Point…
This is my testimony in brief. I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. When I was 18, my mother became very ill. We tried everything but nothing worked. In desperation, we approached a Christian minister of God to pray for my mother's recovery. The Lord Jesus Christ touched and healed my mother. That was the turning point in my life.
Salvation Experience…
I started attending Christian prayer meetings and heard about the compassion and the love of our Lord Jesus and what He has done for us. After about a year, one day, incredibly deep conviction of the Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw Jesus hanging on the cross, instead of me. I repented of all my sins, accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior by inviting Him into my heart and the peace that the world could not give me, filled my soul. Consequently, I surrendered my life to Jesus.
After I had the Salvation experience, two facts became crystal clear to me -
i. Jesus loved me so deeply that He would even die for me.
ii. He hated sin so much that He would bear the suffering and shame of the cross to deliver me from that awful sin.
Since then I started longing for His righteousness and wanted to please Him at any cost.
Infilling of the Holy Spirit…
After a year of prayer yearning for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, one day while I was praying, God filled me with His Holy Spirit for about 3 hours. The Holy Spirit of God enables me to overcome sin everyday. Later on, I also received the "Gift of speaking in multiple tongues." While I was doing my Medical training, I attended "Jesus Calls Evangelical Training Program."
Jesus Christ became my passion and I spent a lot of time talking to Him daily, for the next three years. He became my closest friend. I longed to pour out my heart to him. I would ask Him, "Lord, where are you? Why did you reveal yourself to me? What is your will for my life? Use me Lord, if you can. You spoke to Moses face to face. Speak to me too. Your Word says, 'Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God' and I want to see you. Make me so pure that I will be able to see you."
Promise of God Fulfilled…
The Lord heard all my prayers and promised me through the Scriptures (Acts 22:14) that I would see The Just One, hear Him speak and know His will. This promise came to pass in the year 1992, when I was in USA.
Calling of God…
In America, I spent a lot of time in God's presence, reading, and listening to His Word. I spent almost 3-4 hours daily praying in tongues. On March 18, 1992, while I was pouring my heart to God in prayer, I heard His audible voice saying, "I died on the cross for you, what have you done for me? Will you do my ministry until you have your last breath?" From then on, I heard Him almost every night, waking me up at 3 a.m. saying, "Stand in the gap and cry out in the middle of the night with agony for the perishing souls." I obeyed Him as He instructed me.
God molded my character over a period of five years by taking me through a great deal of trials. He taught me humility, increased my faith, showed me how to meditate on His Word, trained me to die to self and to depend on Him instead of my own abilities. His awesome Presence, His precious Holy Spirit, like a ball of fire cleansed the temple of my spirit everyday and filled me, preparing me for His Ministry.
Mission Trip…
God called me to go to India as a missionary. I obeyed His calling and came to India. Wherever the Lord sent me, I went and preached the Gospel in obedience, in India and Overseas. As a result, many accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior. God confirmed His Word through signs and wonders.
God's Burden in my Heart…
The Lord has impressed upon my heart, specifically to start "Prayer Groups" in every nation to intercede for the revival of their respective nations. My God given burden is to raise up fervent intercessors and faithful laborers for the Kingdom of God. With God's strength, I am fulfilling this vision wherever I go and preach.
I have also published a God-inspired book "All the Commandments of God." I have spent about two years writing this unique book. God has promised that this life-changing book will bring reverential fear of God upon the face of the earth. This book is the first in the series. I am currently working on the second book which will be released shortly.
Pastors' Conferences...
In America, God enrolled me in Jesus' School of Training and prepared me for His Ministry. By the Grace of God, after I passed the 4 tests; Character test, Faith test, Word test and Obedience test that the Lord put me through, He told me, "Now you are worthy to speak to the Pastors." The awesome promise the Lord gave me was 2 Chron.11:13-17.
To the Glory of God I say that I have spoken in about 30 Pastors' Conferences so far (till July 2011) and with the Pastors' help, have started 3717 prayer cells to pray for the revival of Tamil Nadu and Andamans; and 800 prayer cells to pray for the revival of Sri Lanka and numerous prayer cells to pray for the salvation of every male, female and child living in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
International Prayer Network (IPN)…
After praying in tongues for about 3 hours, the Lord gave me a definite strategy to start prayer cells for the revival of each nation through the International Prayer Network (IPN). It is street-wise strategy in which not even a single soul will be left out without being prayed for. (1 Tim. 2:1-4) If all men need to be saved; all men need to be prayed for since salvation is the best gift we can give to a fellow human being.
Based on the current information from US, I have made an excellent power- point presentation on end times which I teach Pastors for an hour to make them understand in which time era they are living in so that they would go and start prayer cells in their churches.
All the promises that the Lord has given me so far are coming to pass one by one. I humbly yield myself to the Master, to be used for His glory. My desire is to fulfill His will each and every day of my life.
Please pray for the needs of Christ Rules Ministries. Blessed be His Holy Name!


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