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“Go and make disciples of all nations. Surely, I am with you always.”
Our Mission… Ministry in India & Abroad…
Dr. Esther preaching in Sri Lanka
Dr. Esther Christ Rules Ministries was established to fulfil the divine vision birthed in Dr. Esther's heart. Her mission is to go around the world preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ to the lost and to start Prayer Groups to intercede for revival in every nation.
Pastors' Conferences…
Dr. Esther Dr. Esther has been preaching in Pastors' Conferences in India and abroad, teaching them her God given strategy to start prayer cells, to cover every unsaved soul with prayer. Details of the strategy are given under International Prayer Network.
Dr. Esther preaching in
KL, Malaysia

Dr. Esther
Dr. Esther in
Chennai, India

Dr. Esther
In response to God's call, Dr. Esther preaches the Word of God, reaching out to the lost, wherever the Lord sends her.
She has ministered in several churches, prayer cells, villages, orphanages, youth camps, women's meetings, Pastors' Conferences, and Bible Colleges in India and abroad. Dr. Esther has also ministered in Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka and held numerous prayer revival conferences.
Being a medical doctor, she has also held many free medical camps in the villages of Tamil Nadu, India.
Prayer Groups As Lighthouses In Millions… Raising Up Intercessors & Laborers…
Dr. Esther starting prayer cells in KL, Malaysia.
Dr. Esther Dr. Esther
Prayer Groups as Lighthouses, in Millions...Heeding the Lord's instructions, wherever Dr. Esther preaches, she explains this vision and forms many small prayer groups of twos and threes. These prayer groups will stand out like millions of light-houses across each and every nation, bombarding Heaven, continually sending up sweet smelling incense to His throne-room, for God to send forth revival upon nations. Then we will see true revival breaking forth by His Spirit even in just one day.
Dr. Esther is teaching Intercessors how to pray for their nation in KL, Malaysia.
Dr. Esther Dr. Esther
Dr. Esther
Sis. Esther has been called as an Intercessor and an Evangelist. She carries God's burden in her heart to raise up fervent intercessors and true laborers for the Kingdom of God. Since March 18, 1992, she has been hearing the audible voice of the Almighty God saying, "There is no one to stand in the gap. The number of perishing souls is increasing. So wake up and cry out in the middle of the night with agony for the lost souls."
She has been fulfilling the vision the Lord has placed in her heart by starting numerous prayer cells with the help of Pastors to pray for revival in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.
More details on the "International Prayer Network" page on this website.
Rural Ministry… Gypsy Literacy Project…
Dr. Esther preaching in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.
Dr. EstherIndia has around 700,000 villages which have not been reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Dr. Esther has been reaching out to the poor and the illiterate people in these villages of India, leading them into Salvation. She offers them hope and encouragement that they need from the Word of God, and financially helps them whenever possible.
School for the gypsy children on the outskirts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Dr. Esther Christ Rules has also started a private school for the gypsy children in the outskirts of Chennai, India.
Our goal is to teach them to read and write in the Tamil language that will enable them to study the Word of God. We train them to be laborers for Christ and equip them to preach the Gospel in their native language to their own tribe and to the surrounding villages.
Publication… Ministry for the Disabled…
Dr. Esther Dr. Esther is the author of a God-inspired book "All the Commandments of God." God has promised that this life-changing book will bring reverential fear of God upon the face of the earth. This book in English and Tamil is available online.

If the Lord leads you to support our ministry in any way, kindly contact us at the following address.
Dr. Esther V. Shekher
Christ Rules
Flat No. E, 3rdFloor, H Block, Sunshine Apartments,
West Jones Road, West Saidapet,
Chennai 600015, Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile No: +91 99947 09461/ +91 97911 98673
Email ID: christrules@hotmail.co.uk
Dr. Esther Christ Rules hosted a Christmas Party in December 2010 for the physically disabled at Madhurandagam, Tamil Nadu, India. Around 200 disabled from 20 villages, living in and around Madhurandagam town, were brought in by their guardians and Pastors of their areas, to celebrate Christmas.
The Gospel message was preached to them in a very simple visual form. The Word of God touched the hearts of both young and old present there. They were given an opportunity to receive Jesus into their hearts and make Him their Lord and Savior. In one accord, all of them prayed the Salvation prayer and there was rejoicing in the house.
This was the first event celebrated in the history of Madhurandagam caring for the disabled. Christ Rules will be starting a Home for the Disabled very soon.
If you are led by the Lord to support this Home, you may contact us. We assure you that your contribution towards this Home will be exclusively used to take care of the Disabled.
We give all the Glory, Honor and Praise unto God alone!


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